Create New Notebook / Refresh Notebook List

Q: I see two contacts in my gmail with the name - "Evernote Create New Notebook" and "Evernote Refresh Notebook List"...What could these be for? I don't remember creating either of them? Are they any use?

InQloud was originally designed to help you forward emails from your phone/tablet so to let you manage your InQloud generated contacts via email the following two special contacts were implemented:

  1. Create New Notebook - to create new notebooks right when forwarding emails. Simply forward an email to this address and specify the new notebook name in subject, i.e. @MyNewNotebookName
  2. Refresh Notebook List - to re-generate your notebook and custom google contacts. Send any email (i.e. empty subject/body) to this address and InQloud will re-read your current Evernote notebook list and re-generate the google contacts.

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